Thursday, April 14, 2011


Note: We apologize for our lack of blogging. A lot has been happening in our lives in the last couple of weeks! We will try to catch you all (our five followers :)) up on the adventures of our lives here in Italy

Thursday night we left on a train for Florence! Throwing us for yet another loop, Rome was on another transportation strike and we had to spontaneously transfer trains. The image of Adrienne running into the cabin and startling Jana out of her comfortable book reading realm by saying “we have to get off NOW” will forever be implanted in our minds. We arrived in Florence and put our Italian to good use, finding the hotel and reuniting with Adrienne’s pajama’d parents and jet lagged sister + sister’s best friend, Sarah.  On Friday we got an early start, free breakfast at the hotel and pulling the typical college student shin dig, we grabbed extra croissants and put them in our pockets, and our pockets in our pants(?). (Thank you Adrienne for your nonsensical child babble.)  We first climbed to the top of the famous Duoma of Florence. The enormous architectural dome was calling our name and Mrs. Edson was a trooper by climbing through her knee pain and making it to the top to enjoy a beyond beautiful view of the spectacular city.  We went to a Piazza where the tight-butted replica of the David statue greeted us. We traveled through the Florence museum space time continuum seeing the Birth of Venus and other famous religious and mythological paintings. Cool beans mcgee.

Next we walked across the Pontio Vecchio and climbed high to Piazza Michelangelo to a view that overlooked the entire city. We searched for our friends signature that simply stated “I love Celine Dion” but alas! Never found it. blast.  We sat on a bench for a long time, lost parents, and made our way back to the hotel before a delicious night out.

The next day we made our way to Pisa to see the incredible architectural phenomenon of the famous ‘Leaning Tower.’ Good job guys on that architectural fail. There, we took the typical touristy pictures of holding up the tower. We also went into the beautiful cathedral and baptistery. Next we hoped on a train and headed to Lucca! It was a beautiful, gorgeous day outside and Lucca was fantastic. Adrienne and Jana put there limited Italian to use and navigated the way to a restaurant that was highly recommended! Jana quickly fell in love with the homemade pesto pasta that she ate and will forever remember that delicious taste in her mouth. Boom. The rest of their time in Lucca they enjoyed the cute medieval town and sensational weather that was provided. Yeah Italy sunshine!
The food and wine all weekend were fantastic. The company was even better and Adrienne and Jana VERY much enjoyed their weekend in Florence, Pisa and Lucca with the Edson’s!

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