Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So Swiss

Last weekend we went to Switzerland with our friends Lily, Conor and Mike.  We were embraced warmly into the arms of Lily's family who lives in France (right on the border of Switzerland). Lily's cousin, Amir, met us at the airport and helped us navigate our way to a mountain because it was beautiful outside and we had every intention of going on a hike. After getting off the bus we walked to Switzerland (no big deal) and found out that we could take a gondola (or telecubby as some weirdos call it) to the top. When we got there we explored and climbed some more, playing camp games and messing around in the beautiful weather. After we were done bedangling on the mountain Amir picked us up and we had an incredible homemade swiss meal. Potatoes, melted cheese and meat galore. It was so nice to have a change from pasta central here at the Jforce and to be treated with such hospitality. We played with his two energetic kids, and despite the language barrier they loved us and we loved them, of course!

The next day we got tips from Lily's family about what to see in Geneva. After escaping a near credit card machine eating experience we were on our way to exploring this beautiful city.  We walked around the Old Town, flatten pennies on the tram tracks, talked to a 'toothbrush-in-afro haired' man about peace while getting free coffee and chocolate, climbed to the top of S. Pierre Cathedral and saw the whole city, walked through parks and played more games. Miniature tanks.

Coming home to the cloud-like soft mattress and Iranian home cooked meal, Saturday ended with a bang. On Sunday we were treated to croissants and coffee and made our way to more parks. The boys left at 6 that morning so it was just us girls.  Amir drove us to the airport and we made it back to Rome without any trouble. Praise God for no traveling issues. Aw yeah.

Today, Adrienne's family is flying into Rome! We are meeting them in Florence tomorrow and will spend the next 2 weekends with them! We are very very excited to see them, yay family :)

37ish days left in Rome. Holy SMOKES.

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