Thursday, April 14, 2011

Caserta, Pompeii, Capri, Serrento and Naples

Hi friends!

Unfortunately it's just Adrienne reporting this time.  Jana was unable to attend the journey because of a concussed head. dang ittttt.  but never fear! she is doing better!

Last weekend was yet again amazing; it could only have been better if Jana had been there and if motorcycle thieves hadn't tried to rob my family on the walk back to the train station in Naples.  Not a nice area...

But in contrast to the glass shard, trash and graffiti covered city of Naples, Capri was one of the most beautiful places I have yet witnessed!!  We took a ferry there on Saturday for a day trip to the breathtaking island.  We got on board with a bus tour led by a tour guide friend named Luiggi, who sung Italian songs almost constantly throughout the trip.  We were in the land of Limoncello and beautiful coasts.  The bus tour took us to the hopping areas of the island.  First thing we did was take a chair lift to the highest point of the island.  It was peaceful, and we were looking down on clouds!!!  We had some Caprese salad and pizza for lunch and continued our tour through the eclectic island towns.  Next we took a boat loop around the entire island and saw the shimmering blue water reflect the impressive rock formations that the tour guide insisted looked like animals ("if you look to your right, you'll see a rock that looks like a turtle climbing a elephant... a piece of salami").  I thought the salami shaped rock was particularly creative...

Friday was a packed day, we started with a tour of the palace in Caserta and ended the day walking through the ruins in Pompeii.  What contrasting things- walking through a grand palace and then ruins!  The palace was larger than Versailles and the gardens stretched for miles.  So long in fact, that we took an enjoyable and scenic horse and carriage ride to see more of it.  In Pompeii we walked through the remains of what was once an impressive and lively town.  Now the columns are left crumbled, the paint on the walls chipped, while some casts of humans trapped in lava remain.  Yet it is not all too difficult to imagine what this town once was.   

We also stopped in the town of Serrento, which I'd seen before on an overcast day with the wettest feet.  It was nice to see the town of music boxes and hand painted plates with the sunning beating down and illuminating the water.  The food the entire weekend was incredible, filled with pizza, pasta, wine, oil and vinaigrette.  It was absolutely wonderful being with my parents, little sister and adopted sister Sarah for these journeys.  

Earlier in the week, Jana and I met up with my family and climbed to the top of Castel San Angelo and had dinner in Trastevere.  The next day we gave a grand walking tour of several famous churches, showing them the original masterpieces within them by Bernini, Borromini, and Caravaggio.  Here is St. Therese in Ecstasy done by Bernini in the Bel Composto style:
It was wonderful to see family and friends and Jana nor I can't thank them enough for visiting! 

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