Monday, January 24, 2011

Soggy Feet and Flat Tires

Despite the negative connotation of the words above, we have actually had a delightful weekend full of AMAZING food, delicious wine, adventures through ancient ruins of cities and beautiful sights in places like: Herculaneum, Pompeii, Solerno, Sorrento, and Paestum!

First we went to Herculaneum which had been covered in 80 feet of Volcanic ash centuries before. Mt Vesuvius, the third most dangerous, active volcano in the world today remains in his “sleeping giant” position and has not erupted since the 1940’s. The city was full of beautiful ancient homes with hand-made mosaic tiles covering all of the floors. Three skeletons were preserved from the fatal explosion of Mt. Vesuvius centuries ago. Two young girls and a young boy lay holding each other as the lava killed them instantly. An eerie sense of unity was brought upon us as we realized that the people of Herculaneum experienced the same emotions, held the same fears and breathed the same air that we breath today. Humanity is deeply connected and united in so many different ways.

The JFRC program planned the entire trip, and to say the least: we ate well. Every meal had three courses and the taste was fantastic. We loved experiencing the slow and lengthy meals that Italians are accustomed to on a daily basis. The two to three hour meals were a great place for foster fellowship and stories. We just hope that we walked enough the rest of the weekend not to gain the 10 pounds that we deserved to gain!

We stayed at a maze of a hotel in Solerno on Friday and Saturday night. Seated at the top of a mountain and overlooking the sea, it was not a bad view, that’s for sure. A festive strip of shops and restaurants paved the cobble stone streets with big popcorn ball orb lights hanging above (pictured here)


  1. Loving the posts! Have an awesome time and have some wine for me!

    Love, Aunt Linda

  2. I am seriously jealous, Jana.

    I should be along to chaperone, no doubt!

    Awesome photography...:)

    - Mr. O

  3. AHHH cinque terre! youre gonna LOVE it!! so glad you guys are having fun and experiecing so much! and skydiving? haha you guys are crazy but DOOO IT!!!

    -veni sancte spiritus