Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ruins and Cobblestone.

"I feel happy here, for I learn something new every day: I try to become [immersed] with the unalterable beauty Rome dispenses with such generosity" -Auguste Rodin

We have experienced the nonstop lifestyle that Rome has presented us in the last week. Since we have last posted we have seen so many beautiful sites and had a plethora or experiences. After the night of "stumbling upon St. Peters" we traveled back downtown for another night of adventures. Walking for 4-5 hours we experienced the wonders of these places:
1. Castel St. Angelo 2. Crossing the Tiber River 3. Plaza Novona 4. Treve Fountain 5. The Pantheon

On Saturday we visited the Colosseum and the Roman Forum (Where Rome was first founded and established).  It was very impressive to have the Colosseum towering over us as we explored the city. It was such a collision of centuries with the ancient and the modern interspersed. The ruins were breathtaking and provided a new outlook on how deeply the history is layered. We were inspired to place our hand on the walls and imagine the meanderings of those who have gone before us.

Orvieto was the next stop on Sunday. A quaint village on top of a huge mountain in Umbria provided yet another side of Italy that blew our minds. The cobble stone streets and fantastic view will hang in our minds (We got to experience the sun illuminating the mountain as it set).

Aside from our many adventures, we were brought back to Earth when classes started today. But the classes are fantastic. We both are excited to learn about the musical and cultural side of Rome through these classes, some of which are on site in Roma!

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  1. first of all this blog is beautiful, no joke! its set up so astetically pleasing(dang i tried to use fancy word choice and i cant spell sorry) anywho this blog is beautiful but you 2 are more beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you both and am absolutly sure you are going to learn a lot, laugh a lot, say fun italian phrases a lot, eat gelato a lot, and love it up over there A LOT!!!

    thanks for blogging i love it, I'm a follower fyi ;) but yes I love you, Im praying for you, and gosh its so great to know you and be united in Jesus with you in order to know Him more and love more!

    pray on sista friends!