Friday, January 14, 2011

"all those who wander are not lost" ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Ciao, big things are happening on the Roma front.

Yesterday was our first full day in the beautiful city of Montemario. We started by walking around this fantastic town that we are living in while avoiding dog poop, butchering Italian and picking up on the culture of the area. This included learning that sometimes it is okay to smile at people, and it is customary for two young friends to link arms (we were quick to mimic) and confidently stroll through the streets. Side note: One must always walk confidently in order to avoid being running over by a car or presenting yourself in a negative light (we've discovered that presentation here is everything). 

Later we got out of the JFRC (John Felice Rome Center, where we are staying, Felice pronounced Feli-CHE) and discovered more of the majesty that Rome offers. First we had a PHENOMENAL authentic Italian meal, with an unlimited supply of wine, that is, until we drank it kind of limited. :) 100 of the students at the center attended, the place was extraordinarily loud, filled with pleasant company and laughter.

We forged our way through the night bus system with grace we might add, and made it to Vatican City (good thing we were traveling with people who semi-knew how to navigate.) Old Bridge quickly became a favorite of ours as we indulged in our first gelato experience with our new friends.

Next we quite literally stumbled upon St. Peter's Square which just goes to show that "all those who wander are not lost": (videos to come of this experience.. Its 2 A.M and i'm tired.)

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  1. Like you two need wine to make you more giddy, happy, loud, boisterous, silly, incredible, wonderful people. Adrienne, Jana and wine - look out Rome!