Saturday, January 29, 2011

Simply Strolling Sideways in the Steps of Saints.

 Get the alliteration? :)
So. Time for a story to rule all stories. On Wednesday night we went to Mass of the Holy Spirit, where something unexpected and completely wonderful occurred. We got the inside experience of a palace that was donated to the Jesuits back in the 15th century when a friends uncle gave us a personal tour. While on the tour we were able to see the Vatican lit up from the roof of the palace, St. Ignatius of Loyola's Cathedral and all of Rome's breathtaking views. But this was not even the best part. We were guided to a parlor while our friend's uncle explained the story of St Therese and how she came to stay with the Jesuits in that palace for three months awaiting the Pope's permission to become a nun. The parlor we thought we were standing in happened to be HER BEDROOM. We got the divine privilege of sitting on the chairs she sat on (Jana may or may not have broken the armrest off), prayed at the kneeler she prayed at and breathed the same air she breathed decades ago. The awe-inspiring feeling remained with us as we had Mass at St. Ignatius of Loyola's Cathedral.

 Thursday night:
We got all dolled up (although it hasn't taken long to realize that wherever we go...we wear coats, so does wearing dresses really matter?) But nonetheless, we got beautified, put on jackets which were extra necessary this particular night. We headed downtown for one of our friend's 21st birthday and eventually found what we were looking for: an ICE BAR. Basically, we paid to be cold. They give you jackets that look like chinese ponchos and then you stand in an ice tunnel and sit in ice caves. Bomb.

 Friday: Shopping Spree all day in downtown ROMA. After a long day of shopping and watching a Michael Jackson impersonator we worked out and called it a night. Early on Saturday we got the opportunity for another inside scoop 'free ninety nine' tour. This time of St. Peter Basilica. What a rush of emotions we both felt as we experienced the beauty and grandness of that place. Seeing the tombs of the Fathers of the Catholic Church, walking solemnly and reverently past the tomb of John Paul II, praying in the magnificent adoration chapel and hearing the history and theology from our own JFRC Father Al - our hearts were moved to say the least. Rome rocks.
Drool Contest. Enough Said.

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  1. your blog is the greatest.
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