Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Viva Espana!

Madrid!  What a wonderful city!  What a joyous reunion!  We left in the wee hours of the morn on Friday before it was even daylight in the swamp. But, we experienced RyanAir for the first time and the Roma airport. Both very lax compared to the United States filled with plastic seats and airplane attendants selling smokeless cigarettes in the aisles…classy. Alas, we made it to Madrid safe and sound (after Adrienne woke up to a bruised forehead from collapsing on the tray table on the plane out of exhaustion) and our friend Erin embraced us warmly on the other side. We learned the Madrid public transportation system (very impressive compared to Roma) and made our way to Sol.

Sol. What a city. Filled with a fantastic nightlife, beautiful buildings and the meeting place for all of our SLU friends to hang out with us all weekend! We were pleasantly surprised by our hostel. We got our own clean room with a bathroom and towels for 17 Euros a night…check. Our first experience of Sol included a delicious taste of a Spaniard breakfast. Churros dipped in a warm soup of chocolate - Chocolatey soup that Adrienne thought was a murky muddy cup of coffee. Wrong. We were satisfied.

The rest of the weekend consisted of free entrances into two fantastic art museums a walk through Europe’s largest park and a view of the Palace gardens and fountains. We were accompanied by our wonderful SLU friends who escorted us around the city and loved us all weekend long. Boom. But really we can’t thank our friends enough for their hospitality and generosity as they made sure we were taken care of in Spain. Thanks friends J

One of the highlights of the trip included a homemade meal from Johnny’s host madre – Espy. Upon entering she embraced us and cooked for us and proceeded to read our Tarrot cards. It was an evening to remember full of sassy boys and an appreciative Espy for having girls in her home again.

We quickly discovered that our Roman stamina for nightlife was no match for that of the Spaniards. Pub crawls and discothèques until 6 A.M are the norm for our SLU friends. We had a blast dancing like fools with good friends by our side but then slept like rocks after the exhausting nights.

 Fun, friends and fortune telling: Madrid=succes

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