Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be Right Back, Going to Rome.

Three days left until Adge and I travel across the ocean to Roma! Currently, I have packed and repacked my suitcase 24.5 times, taking out the excessive amounts of T-shirts that I unnecessarily attach myself to. Adrienne is successfully bringing only 1 suitcase while I stand at a solid 2 (even after downsizing, jeez what's my problem) It is quite a strange feeling that I am leaving America, and not coming back for 4 months. I get the incredible privilege of living Europe. WHAT? beebop. I feel so fortunate and blessed beyond belief for this opportunity. Its phenomenal and I am so lucky to get to do this. 

Africa for Spring Break, living 20 minutes from the Vatican, skydiving over the alps, being able to see beautiful and historic sights, traveling every weekend. (Oh and I am actually there to study too :)) I am jazzed to say the least. 

I am leaving for Chicago tomorrow and staying with my Aunt for 2 days before I make way to Europe. So I guess this is my farewell to the States for now. I will update when Adge and I are safely in Rome and I get the opportunity to get on the computer. Ciao! (The only Italian I know, hahaha game on.)

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